Orax SDI Cloud Reference

  1. Introduction
  2. Self-Management tools
  3. Communication and Content management
  4. Sales and Customer Relationship Management
  5. Services & Service level management
  6. Billing and customer statements
  7. Inventory & Asset management
  8. Production management
  9. Human Resources and Payroll
  10. Procurement and Supply chain
  11. Ledgers & Accounting
  12. Reporting and Analytics
  13. Administration & configuration
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Dashboards and Remote Monitors

Orax SDI has several standard dashboards to deploy to big screen TV's or wall mounted displays. It is also possible to develop custom dashboards. Using the Orax Remote Module device, energy efficient dashboards can be deployed to remote locations over wifi, ethernet or 3g.

The Remove Module connects to the HDMI input of a big screen TV and switches the TV on and off as required. It displays content like process statuses, queues, media, advertisements and more. Any dashboard content can be developed as well as dashboards that show external feeds like financial markets and news feeds. Dashboards can download and play videos, audio and more.

Metrics and Special feeds can be used to harvest external data (in addition to internal data) to display on dashboards or use for reporting and operations.

For more information please contact the Orax Solutions Call Centre.


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