Orax SDI Cloud Reference

  1. Introduction
  2. Self-Management tools
  3. Communication and Content management
  4. Sales and Customer Relationship Management
  5. Services & Service level management
  6. Billing and customer statements
  7. Inventory & Asset management
  8. Production management
  9. Human Resources and Payroll
  10. Procurement and Supply chain
  11. Ledgers & Accounting
  12. Reporting and Analytics
  13. Administration & configuration
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Web Server or Code metrics

There may be times or applications that require metrics that are not uploaded by agents, but rather fetched/harvested or computed by the monitoring server.

A typical example is when a metric is retrieved from a Web Service (SOAP or REST API). It runs on an interval, fetches the data and saves it. These type of metrics can be executed from the Monitoring server (or from an agent).

To create a Server based Metric, use the following guideline:

1. Using the development toolkit, create a code block that will fetch/extract the data and compute the value needed for a metric upload. Remember to set the security role for this code to "Public". The code has to "return" a value, not print to screen. This development is probably something the Orax Projects team will have to do.

2. Link the above code block to a metric by entering the following instructions in the "Metric Script" field:


3. Finally make the metric status "ACTIVE" and ensure a proper Interval (1 - 1440).

The SDI Monitoring server will start executing the code to populate the metrics as per the interval. Monitor the uploads to verify that the code is working correctly.


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