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The above cost estimation is not a formal quote but can be used to determine an estimate of what Orax SDI will cost for your company. Orax SDI pricing is simple. We charge for usage and support on a monthly basis. Prices are increased once per year based on the Producer Price Change index for the applicable region in regard to the Information & Technology segment.

In addition to user licenses there are other usage based services available like SMS/Text messaging, Apps, workflows & process management, website & API development and hosting, and many more.

* Normal users have access to all CRM & ERP functions for companies who have less than 100 users.
** Companies with more than 100 users have the option of 2 additional user licenses. In this configuration Administrators, Accounting and HR/Payroll users use a different license (Power Users). An employee self-help license is also available for simple functions like communication, leave and claims management.
*** Estimations are based on the current exchange rate for today and may fluctuate from actual billing.

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