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Local price - CRM, ERP & Accounting!
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Burdened by Dollar($) based solutions? Orax SDI delivers world-class quality at a local price!
  • Exclusively for South African companies.
  • CRM, ERP, Accounting, Customisation, Apps.
  • Savings of up to 500% compared to US Big Tech!
  • R626.00 per Enterprise CRM User per month (compared to R1700+). Excl. VAT. T&Cs apply.
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Over the last decade we have matured a world-class Enterprise Cloud solution specifically for South African companies. Orax SDI is able to compete head-on with Big Tech SaaS offerings at a ZAR price. We provide CRM, ERP, Accounting, Development and Critical Process management in medium and large companies to empower the South African economy. Join us, or rather allow us to join you! We partner for life.

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Orax SDI Cloud

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