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Strategic Solution Selection

When its time to choose new software solutions for your company, it is important that you consider the longterm strategic priorities in your decision making process. Security, loyalty and expandability are critical components of software investments in addition to a great return on investment. Quickly eliminate high risk solutions by using our 3S scorecard.

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Our free Strategic Solution Selection scorecard can be used to evaluate solutions on the following longterm risks.

The scorecard focuses on 3 key areas:

1. Unforeseeable future
Your decision has to extend beyond your current needs and consider unforeseen growth or direction changes. The world is changing so fast that what seems unnecessary today may be a necessity tomorrow. Make sure you will not outgrow your solution.

2. Cyber Security
Security and trust are such important components of your IT solutions that it can play a critical role in the viability of your goals and even your company. When you build an IT strategy, it becomes increasingly difficult to patch solutions together from different providers without exposing yourself to higher risk.

3. Partnership for longterm success
A shortsighted purchase can end up in a bad longterm experience. Changing solution partners can be costly and damaging to your company. Make sure you invest in a trusted partner that will go the distance and provide the peace of mind that you need to focus on your dreams, not your systems.

Our 3S scorecard is meant to assist you in your strategic decision making. There are many feature comparison scorecards available, but it is critically important for you to focus on the strategic key areas as well. Use our short and simple scorecard to help you eliminate the highest risk options.

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