Work from Home and distributed teams in Orax SDI

The Orax SDI system was designed for distributed operational management. So managing work-from-home teams is perfectly comfortable in Orax SDI.

Making use of service delivery and operational modules, you are able to manage both customer services and internal proactive task schedules to ensure that your company runs effectively and efficiently.

The Service Desk is the core of service management and allows employees to log their activities against Service Calls, tasks and projects. All activities are allocated to locations which belong to customers or the the company.

The service analytics reports are then used to increase efficiency and optimise resource effort. Time spent on the system and on tasks combine to provide a comprehensive overview of how a remote working employee contributes to the company goals.

Projects and Kanban boards can be used to manage delivery of internal and external projects. Customers are able to seamlessly collaborate in the process to enhance customer loyalty and transparency.

For more detail using the Orax SDI Cloud to manage distributed teams, contact us now. We are standing by - ready to assist and serve.