Why OraxSDI makes such good business sense

All businesses are looking for ways to reduce the heavy costs associated with business operations.

Here’s why the OraxSDI Business Management Platform is such a sensible option - one you really shouldn’t ignore!

Please see the table below for a real example.

• Removes the dependency on having to deploy multiple 3rd party software systems, each with their respective costs, and replaces them with a single, easy to manage, high quality and highly affordable solution.

• Removes the complexity of deploying and maintaining expensive server, network, backup and DR computing equipment, along with the high cost of the equipment and the skilled resources required to manage and run the computing environment.

• Saves on the time related costs of business operations through simplifying, automating and managing operational processes to maximise performance. Streamlined performance and higher output equals significantly improved profitability.

• Reduces staffing requirements and eliminates human error, making the business more responsive and more effective, thereby improving levels of customer satisfaction.

• Provides accurate human and non-human resource productivity information which enables better resource planning, usage and general resourcing decisions.

• Provides the means for distributed and or remote business operations and frees up a great deal of management and staff time, making them more efficient.

Can you imagine how much your company could save annually through better managing the above cost items? The money saved could be put to much better use elsewhere in the company.

The below table reflects a relatively accurate cost breakdown of what it costs to deploy and manage your own computing environment vs. what the OraxSDI system will cost your business.

The reflected values are based on a small, single equipment and single system user environment. These values will obviously scale proportionately for larger environments, and so will the cost savings.

The monthly cost saving in this example is R 17 369.00.

There is no trickery nor are there any hidden costs in the above depiction.

The cost savings OraxSDI will afford your company are real, and we invite you to talk to us by clicking here: https://lnkd.in/dWiGqd-4

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