Virtual Time and Attendance

Are you stuck in time & attendance hell?

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Managing employee attendance and rostering can be a real nightmare. Time and attendance devices need to be setup with biometrics or programmed tags, and then installed and supported in remote locations. The complexity and delays involved in location changes and new acquisitions only adds to the challenge and slows your company down. What if you need to manage attendance at a short term location in the field? What about security and device tampering?

With Orax SDI you can create virtual time and attendance systems in a matter of seconds. These virtual clocking systems are rolled out to any number of locations using GPS coordinates as the proximity sensor. It takes minutes or seconds to setup a new location anywhere in the world from the comfort of your desktop or mobile device.

Employees and contractors use the Orax SDI Smartphone App to clock in and out of a location without needing any special tags or biometrics. New locations become instantly available on the phone as they are rolled out centrally. Whether an employee or contractor works at a single location or roams, the extremely simple clocking systems are available in the palm of their most trusted personal device.

On payday, attendance logs can be imported into a payroll batch with the click of a single button.

No more device maintenance! No more delays! No more pulling your hair out! Take control with Orax SDI.

Now that's what you call automation!