VanH reaches the next level

Phakisa's annual ride from Boksburg to Cape Town

Rynard van Hoven is a cycling fanatic who loves design. He is passionate about creating cycling wear that looks and feels amazing. In 2018 Co-founder Retha van Hoven got involved in the brand and the pair finally embarked on the adventure of producing cycling and active wear themselves. With Retha’s clothing marketing degree and Rynard’s creativity, the two make the perfect pair. Read more here:

Building a business that designs, imports, manufactures and sells advanced cycling wear is next level! The entire production process from design to final product is done in-house at the VanH design shop in Pretoria. Recently they opened the VanH Cycling Cafe. To manage the complexity they needed an ERP solution that was accessible to small companies.

Selling made-to-order and off the shelf products, including consignment meant that inventory management was critical. Production management was required to ensure that orders run smoothly.

Inventory management
Orax SDI allowed VanH to manage inventory at an unlimited number of locations in and outside of the company. This meant that consignment, stock and all movement was under control.

Production management
Standard and bespoke orders needed to be produced with precision. Orax SDI production orders are simple, yet powerful to manage quality and precision.

Sales integration
Combining the production and inventory management with sales processes are a huge win for VanH. The ability to generate production orders from sales orders meant that the sales process and associated delivery was now contained and managed.


"It has been fantastic working with Orax SDI. The software is great and has been a life saver to manage our production. Everyday I work with more aspects of the software to manage more areas of the business and find it really easy to use. Everything is backed up real time, so if you would stop halfway through something, you'll be able to pick up there where you left off again."

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