Manufacturing is a difficult game

Manufacturing companies are notoriously tricky businesses to manage.

If you cannot accurately account for each component of the manufacturing process, it's guaranteed you will be losing money!

Our engagements with companies in this sector, have revealed many similarities in terms of the issues they struggle with, regardless of the company size or complexity of their process.

The list below highlights key findings of problems encountered.

- Inability to manage the manufacturing process effectively.
- Discrepancies with inventory and stock management.
- Inaccurate procurement (over or under purchasing).
- High levels of wastage (write off's).
- Insufficient trend analysis.
- Ineffective capacity planning.
- Production delays.
- Limited visibility of processes.
- Heavy workloads on resources.
- Higher cost to produce.
- Smaller profit margins.

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We have been assisting companies in the manufacturing sector to successfully overcome their operational problems, and we know we can help you too!

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