Inventory management problems and how to avoid them

Lack of detailed visibility coupled with inadequate management controls are the key reasons why so many companies suffer production hiccups and financial loss when it comes to their inventory.

There are quite literally multitudes of inventory-related discrepancies that cause a company to suffer. From not being able to more accurately predict stock usage and thereby ordering insufficient stock, to over-ordering and stock wastage in the production or manufacturing cycle, to inventory movement through the sales process.

The OraxSDI inventory management system manages inventory from the very beginning to very end of the inventory cycle and thereby stops hard-earned profits from flowing out the door as a result of poor management.

It's a highly affordable and intuitive cloud system that factors in all the relevant inventory variables, providing deep layers of process automation, inventory oversight and inventory analytical information through each step of the inventory life cycle.

Key benefits of the OraxSDI inventory management system:

• Cloud system – access to company data and work activities anytime, anywhere, multiple devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone) and any location.

• Analyzing market demand (trend or predictive analysis).

• Automated ordering.

• Warehousing and space management.

• Reducing under or overstocking (supply chain management).

• Supports barcode scanning and printing.

• Process flows – custom work flows with workflow management controls like tasking, linking to projects, billing and other.

• Integrated with other relevant processes like sales, production/manufacturing and accounting.

• Production planning and production process controls including a manufacturing module that handles the entire production process including BOM, resource scheduling, production templates, manufacturing analytics, and wastage and defective materials.

• Data analysis and reporting with automated report schedules and dashboards.

• API integration with 3rd party systems.

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