Easy ERP for Smaller Businesses

When it comes to ERP systems and how smaller businesses perceive their value, and perhaps more so their affordability, it’s not hard to understand why most have tended to steer away from deploying ERP.

That said, it cannot be disputed, ERP technology is good stuff!

These systems were designed to ensure best practice and to make businesses more efficient and ultimately, more profitable.

Regardless, the sentiment of pricey and so called “monolithic” ERP still hangs out there, and admittedly, it is for good reason.

It is hoped that this read will help change the perception many business owners and operators have when it comes to ERP systems, as we highlight the OraxSDI Business Management Platform and explain it’s capability and the immense value it's adding to other businesses.

Next generation ERP solutions have become more plentiful and more available to a wider audience. This means the notion of “monolithic” ERP can finally be put to rest. As technology has advanced, the barriers to entry on the ERP front, for smaller businesses, have been removed, making ERP relevant and accessible across all business tiers.

Depending on the economic location in which your business functions, for the most part, ERP systems can still be somewhat pricey, more so when your business is based in South Africa and when it comes to converting South African Rands to Dollars and Euros!

Locally developed ERP systems like OraxSDI, are in the fortunate position of being able to completely annihilate the high cost currency conversion barriers, while providing the same capability and quality one expects to find in internationally produced systems.

Being a cloud based solution, it becomes an even more attractive alternative for foreign companies, when converting currency from Dollars and Euro’s to Rand’s. In this instance, you get great power and capability for a fraction of what you would have paid. Now that’s a really sweet deal.

So what is OraxSDI?

OraxSDI is a cloud based or hosted business management platform. It's what we call an easy ERP.

The system contains multiple functionality modules, each designed to perform and manage specific operational and administrative processes within a business. These modules are the building blocks of business success and whether deployed collectively or independently, they provide great value to all business types, large and small.

All of the OraxSDI system modules are integrated into one core system, powering the components or areas of a business where it’s needed most. The fact that other system modules can be implemented or deployed as and when a business grows, makes the OraxSDI system a smart choice for businesses seeking to improve performance while keeping costs down.

Let’s look at a quick example:

A manufacturing company needs an efficient inventory management system to accurately manage and control stock for their operations. From costings, usage, procurement and storage through to goods receiving, dispatching, returns and excesses or over runs etc.

Knowing that the OraxSDI system is a modular system, for now, they decide to only deploy the inventory management module, because this is their immediate need. By default, like all the other system modules, the inventory management module comes standard with all the OraxSDI internal engine components and analytical power.

Upon successfully implementing the inventory module and having derived the benefit of it’s use, they then decide to deploy the next component of the system, to better manage their manufacturing process. This would be the OraxSDI production module with it’s features like BOM, manufacturing schedules, production templates and process management etc.

The production module dovetails into the existing system, with it’s inventory management, and begins to further compliment the entire process and thereby significantly improving the manufacturing process and visibility, contributing to further improved business out comes.

After this, they decide to move on to the next component which may be the customer and sales management module or the support desk ticketing system. Either way, the same process as described above would apply, and over time they would have made a smooth transition into a very powerful integrated business management platform, addressing the areas of need while effectively managing costs and causing minimal disruption to their business in the process.

So what about the costs?

The OraxSDI pricing model is a completely different approach to other vendor solutions.

With most other solutions, one can get the basic components of the system but this usually limited. To unlock additional capability, one has to pay additional fees, and eventually, this become a very expensive option.

The OraxSDI system pricing structure is way less complex. It’s based on a per user usage model, meaning you can add and remove users as and when required and you only pay for their usage.

Adding or removing users does not impact or limit the core benefit of the system. The entire functional and analytical benefit of the system are still available to you and you don’t lose or degrade the depth of capability the system provides when adding or removing users.

To use an analogy, it’s a bit like a tap. You adjust the flow by opening or closing the tap but the key component, the water, still flows.

This means that the cost to invest in a powerful management tool is significantly reduced and contained to within exact need. The cost only increases as your business performance increases and you add more users, and so it matches your progress.

It’s a highly flexible and highly affordable method of scaling and it’s intended to assist you to achieve much higher value at an affordable pace.

So what are the value propositions of the OraxSDI system?

Well, there numerous, but perhaps the five most important ones are:

1. It’s really easy to deploy and has a flexible expansion path.
2. A quick ROI with guaranteed results.
3. Extensive capability set.
4. User friendly.
5. Very affordable.

OraxSDI will make a massive difference in your business, and if ever you were considering deploying and ERP system, now would be the time to explore this option in greater detail.

Need help?

If you would like to know more about OraxSDI, or would like to have the system demonstrated to you, please click on the link and we will get in touch with you to set this up. https://lnkd.in/dWiGqd-4

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