Complexity is the enemy of security services companies

In South Africa, each day, security services companies are faced with large volumes of real-life crime situations.

Because a fair percentage of these situations are often dangerous, and in some cases even life threatening, it’s vitally important that security services companies deploy the right tools and measures that will provide the means for them to rapidly gather large amounts of situation data, and efficiently and accurately process the data in a way that ensures life saving, fast and accurate response.

Automating and streamlining operational process through the use of technology is a key way of speeding up service delivery. It’s also a solid way of ensuring nothing falls through the cracks or is causing unnecessary delays in the business process.

Other key benefits of deploying technology are that it ensures higher levels of performance and efficiency while capturing and processing large volumes of business critical data. This data can then be easily or readily interrogated and analysed, allowing for detailed performance visibility and highly effective decision making, either strategically or in proactive or reactive situations.

"At the end of the day, obtaining and keeping and advantage over competitors, is all about service quality and good governance."

OraxSDI is a comprehensive, integrated Business Management Platform that provides all this capability in one easy to use, intuitive system. Among others, it addresses:

• The high cost of deploying multiple complex platforms

• Inadequate connected control points (process flows)

• Limitations in intelligence data gathering and analysing

• Threat monitoring and fast response times

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