Cloud Market Value

Rapid increases in software technology, stemming from vendor competitiveness and the fast pace of web based app development, is driving market trends and forcing the broader business community to continually evaluate and evolve their operational effectiveness.

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Some companies do so in order to attain a leading edge status, others for reasons of business prudence and in an effort to remain relevant and comparable, and some, just to remain compatible with the direction of the emerging trends.

Regardless of the reason, it is safe to say that all companies will experience the exact same issue when it comes to selecting a cloud based software technology for their needs, and this issue relates to the notoriously high cost of these systems.

Technology advancements means that hosted or cloud based software systems will in all likelihood be the future of software deployments. The pay per use pricing models which accompanies many of these systems is often complicated and obscure and are not always reasonably justifiable.

For example, paying high prices for big brand software in the CRM or ERP software space, appears to have become a standard expectation. It's an unpleasant norm which tends to leave one with underlying feelings of being financially entrapped and questioning the value of ones choice down the line.

Regrettably, believing one has limited options when it comes to high quality CRM and ERP systems, also tends to accompany the decision to pay a high price, and this belief couldn't be further from the truth.

Fortunately, there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, and it comes in the form of a good quality alternative to big brand's higher priced software. It won't invoke feelings of financial entrapment nor will it leave you feeling like you had limited choices.

OraxSDI is the alternative. It is a significantly more affordable, all-in-one, integrated business management CRM and ERP system. Un-complicated and extremely easy to deploy, it provides the same capability as big brand technology but at a fraction of the cost, while more importantly, providing you assurance of getting real value for money.

In an age dominated by high costs and smaller margins, it makes perfect sense not to simply go with the flow by buying into expensive big brand systems, simply because its big brand. It may become a regrettable decision thereafter, that leaves you with limited ability to change once its entrenched in you business.

Make the smart choice before you commit.