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We believe that South African businesses have the potential to be world renowned for quality, excellence and innovation. That South Africans are ambitious, talented and determined to succeed despite challenges. That sound ethics and strong values combined with a dream are the underpinnings of long term success, and that success makes the world a better place. To this end we strive to humbly and boldly serve our customers to empower them toward their dreams. We dream to make special companies spectacular!

Over the past 15 years we have developed a one-stop IT solution to empower both private and public South African companies to reach higher and go further. Our cloud based toolset is efficient, powerful and delivers great value. We are proud to stand behind our customers, as they brace the storms and prevail in the face of strong headwind.

Cloud solutions for South African companies
Sales management
Effort, quotes, pipeline, campaigns, billing
Service management
Service desk, ratings, projects, job cards
Custom processes, workflows, inventory

Comprehensive Business Management - on SmartPhone, Tablet and Desktop.
The below outline shows the scope of the Orax SDI solution:

Why Orax SDI?

  • Orax SDI is a powerful, one-stop solution for South African businesses (private, public and internationally owned) developed and hosted locally.
  • We compete with the best-of-the-best, and feature-for-feature we deliver a punch that is hard to beat.
  • Service, service, service. Your development and support services are fast, efficient and local. We don't hold you back!
  • Orax SDI was designed from the ground up to embrace dynamic, fast-changing new generation commerce.
  • Orax is lean enough to be agile, yet comprehensive enough to open new horizons for your unique company.
  • Orax SDI's focus on human efficiency translates to output multiplication. An actuator to break through ceilings and barriers.
  • We have a track record. Orax SDI has been serving clients for more than 10 years.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Orax SDI a CRM solution?
Yes, Orax SDI is a Customer Relationship Management system that manages Sales and Services, but it is much more. Its also a services ERP system which means it is fully capable of running the operations and financials of your company.
Is Orax SDI an ERP solution?
Orax SDI is a services ERP and a CRM solution. It allows you to manage services throughout your company, including internal services and costing. It provides procurement, financials, HR and payroll.
How secure is Orax SDI?
Orax SDI aligns to modern cloud security standards as used by banking and online shopping companies. For data security each environment has a live Disaster Recovery system and an offline backup strategy that creates daily, weekly and monthly backups. The DR environment is synchronised up to the minute and available for readonly user access.
Does Orax SDI have a mobile cloud based solution?
Orax SDI is 100% cloud based. It uses modern technologies and world class data centres to ensure that response times are class leading. Orax SDI is fully functional on Smartphones, Tablets and Desktops.
Do I need special hardware or network configurations to use Orax SDI?
Any modern device (Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop) can access Orax SDI through a modest internet connection. There is no need for special hardware or software. All browsers should be recent to ensure its compatible and secure.
How much will it cost me?
Orax SDI is provided on a monthly license and usage charge. Each user account is charged monthly at a fixed fee. There is a 10 user minimum. Rand for rand our solution delivers unbeatable value and performance. Contact us for an accurate quotation. There are extra charges like SMS and Fax, etc which also from part of usage.
How does the licensing work?
License and hosting fees are charged per-user-per-month. There is a minimum requirement of 10 user licenses per month. There is no maximum limit. We can accommodate thousands of users.
Do I need to sign a contract?
The software agreement (terms and conditions) is signed by each user of the system. We only sign non-binding contracts without a fixed term. Cancellation requires 30 days notice.
Can Orax SDI be customised or enhanced according to my company's needs?
Yes, one of the most powerful benefits of Orax SDI is to know that you'll never outgrow it. Orax SDI is an operational infrastructure with Rapid Software Development capabilities, allowing the development of complete processes, modules and functions within the infrastructure.
Do you have a Service Level Agreement option?
We sign SLA contracts directly with customers or our partners may take on this responsibility and provide the services independent of Orax Solutions.
Will Orax SDI work in poor network areas?
An internet connection is always required to connect to and work with the Orax SDI mobile portal. However the bandwidth requirements are very modest and will therefore work fine in poor network locations (so long as the connection is available).
Will training be available for my users?
Training is available from Orax Solutions or our partners and resellers. We prefer to train your power users and let them develop your internal operational strategy and train and support other users.
Will Orax SDI be able to support 1000 users?
Yes, Orax SDI is a very powerful system that can support thousands of users.
Is Orax SDI available globally?
Orax SDI is hosted in South Africa but available globally to any internet connected device.
Will we need an Administrator for our Orax SDI system?
Yes, we always suggest that you manage and own your system using proper administrative processes. A well managed system will always deliver better value that a poorly managed one.
Can I run financials and payroll on Orax SDI?
Yes, Orax SDI is fully able to manage your financial accounting and payroll.
Is Orax SDI a Learning Management System (LMS)?
Yes, Orax SDI is a fully fledged LMS with the ability to manage courses, modules and assignments. It allows online learning as well as class room bookings. Students may enroll in available courses and have access to the online learning forum in each course.
Does Orax SDI provide automation or integration options?
Yes, a powerful Automation and Wide-Area-Monitoring module allows Orax SDI to integrate with other systems and the real world.

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