Executive Assistant

We need an Executive Assistant with at least 10 years experience who wants to become part of a small, dynamic IT boutique based in Menlyn, Pretoria.

Personality and character qualities:

  • Ethical, organised, energetic, self-managed, problem solver.
  • Technical prowess is required so you can work with Apps. Not afraid to learn a new system or app.
  • Able to work with people and find a solution to a problem. Able to find people to help solve a problem or reach a goal. Able to stick to a deadline.
  • Fully self managed and intuitive. You need to contribute intelligently, not just follow orders, but also be creative and use your experience to reach a goal. Business savvy and logical thinking is important.
  • Able to understand strategic direction and make day-to-day decisions that adhere to the end-goal by using your logic and reasoning.
  • Good writing skills in english. You need to be able to draft a memo and guidelines, fill out applications and review basic contracts.
  • Able to screen emails, messages and calls, and use your logic to know what is important and what is not.


If this job description is a great match for your personality, talents and skillset, please Apply here