Orax SDI Cloud Reference

  1. Introduction
  2. Self-Management tools
  3. Communication and Content management
  4. Sales and Customer Relationship Management
  5. Services & Service level management
  6. Billing and customer statements
  7. Inventory & Asset management
  8. Production management
  9. Human Resources and Payroll
  10. Procurement and Supply chain
  11. Ledgers & Accounting
  12. Reporting and Analytics
  13. Administration & configuration
  14. Business Improvement
  15. Development and Process management
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Login Screen Content

You are able to add content to the login screen. This is helpful for promotions, notices and other information.

There are two types of login screen content available. One is for a desktop browser and the other for smartphone (small) browsers.

1. Desktop and tablet login content

Content for large browsers are show on the right of the login form (username and password). It is configured in System settings by adding an HTML source to the Login Content parameter under Login screen and Mobile App section. The content is created in the HTML source document under System settings --> Styles & HTML.

2. Mobile App / smartphone login content

The login screen for smartphones (small screens) are configured in the same way as the content above (by creating an HTML source under Styles & HTML), and then linking it to the "Mobile App Landing Page" parameter. The content is displayed before the login screen form. This allows customisation of the login / landing page of the Mobile App or smartphone web app. You may use a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to customise the landing experience.

One handy option is to hide the login form (using CSS) and changing the landing page by adding content. When this is done, you need to add a login button to ensure that a user can still find / reveal the login form. There are 2 options to do this. One is to use JavaScript to reveal the login form when a user clicks the "Log In" button. The other is to load the login screen without launching the HTML source. To do the latter, add the following to the "onClick" action of the button: oraxContent('sContent','login_screen&&login');

Keep in mind that using this functionality its possible to add an entire infrastructure to the landing page of your Mobile App. Common things to add are menus, content, brochures, information, effects, etc.


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