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Orax SDI is a unique cloud-based Sales, Service and Process management solution for small, medium and large businesses.

The User Interface is fast and efficient - even on mobile devices. Features are comprehensive and practical. Implementation is a breeze. Return on Investment is instant because you pay per-use, per-month.

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Simple to start, quick to master!

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Out sell. Out deliver.

Orax SDI has one purpose - to supplement business dreams.
Every click, every feature and every screen was built for your business.
To increase potential. To increase capacity. To grow. To scale.

No risk - 3 month money back guarantee! *

Why Orax?

Uncompromising quality and efficiency. Raw power in an efficient package!

Great local support and local vendor. Just phone, email or meet!

Excellent 9 year track record. 2,2b db transactions per year - 99.95% uptime.

Tremendous scope. You will not outgrow this system!

What do our clients say?

"All systems, members and clients can be tracked and reported on with the click of a button,"
OAS Architecture Specialist
"SDI forms the backbone of our operation from a Managed Services perspective,"
Business Unit Director
"The SDI system is a dynamic system that has made a huge difference to our business; we won’t be moving away from it any time soon,"
Chief Operations Officer
"On the AMS desk its essential, we use it for all business and planning,"
Application Managed Services
"I am amazed at the depth of capability and competence of the SDI system. It has by far exceeded my expectations in all aspects, more so, in terms of its cost to deploy and quick ROI. In a world of stiff vendor competition, this is a true value for money system and a serious contender,"
Managing Director
"SDI gives us visibility into each team and individual's effort, performance and delivery,"
Account Manager
"Without SDI we would be unable to effectively manage and control our resources to perform the required daily operations,"
Sales Manager
“SDI is the best all-in-one solution I’ve encountered. It completely fulfills our needs going from ticket/call management to very detailed client account’s financial status. It’s an amazing operational solution, as well as an excellent monitoring/reporting asset,”
Customer Service Manager

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